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  1. present participle of broach

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Broach may mean:
  • Broach (metalwork) A metalworking tool with a series of chisel points mounted on one piece of steel.
  • Broach (sailing) A sudden instability in the heading of a sailboat when sailing downwind.
  • Broach (submarine) Submarines operating submerged are said to have broached the surface when a portion of the ship (such as the sail, bow, or screw) other than a mast or antenna comes out of the water. This is similar in intent, if not in 3-D direction, to the use of broach to describe instability in heading of a sailing ship.
  • BROACH warhead
  • Brooch (or broach): Decorative item designed to be attached to garments.
  • Bharuch (also known as Broach): city and district in south Gujarat state in India.
  • Broach (surname)
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